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The bird of paradise in our logo is the perfect representation for our company because it radiates diversity. We embrace its beauty and color. The island of New Guinea is the home of this beautiful bird and to a deliciously unique scent experience. These scents all come together when you light up one of our candles!

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My motivation for founding Smeldt is that I welcome diversity. As a father of two sons and part of the lgbti+ community, I want to be an inspiration for how you can design your life.
My hope is that we can create an open society where anyone feels comfortable being themselves at any given moment or place without fear. There are people who really care  about the happiness of others and who are willing to fight against adversity when necessary. 


I have a passion for design and scent and want to set the standard for luxury scented candles, with innovative designs that reflect and applaud humanity's  diversity. Through scent, color and shape - you're guaranteed of not only an amazing experience in front of your nose but also deep within.

20% of the annual profits goes to the All Out Foundation which works hard for diversity, equality and inclusion in order to make a difference in our lgbti+ community. Your participation will have an impact!

Davey Backx

Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel speaks about the Smeldt Project with Perfume Designer Tanja Deurloo

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