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''Design is everywhere. It's in the air you breathe and on every street corner, waiting for its next victim to take it into themselves - creating something new out of nothingness or at least trying it's best not too let society dictate what they should be like when everyone else has already spoken long before them.''

About Us

Luxury scented candles

Smeldt sets the standard for luxury scented candles, with innovative designs that reflect and applaud humanity's diversity.

Design your moments


A high-quality product with an appearance that can be applied in many interiors through its great fragrance and convincing designs. Smeldt also has symbolic warmth, which gives strength to the flame of Smeldt like fire does for life on Earth. We are brave, expressive, connecting and want to reach deep into your heart and soul, leaving you feeling moved to the core.

close friends

We are ambassador for the lgbti+ community. All its friends and family should feel supported with our products because they are trying to strengthen our rights while also providing emotional support when needed most! We know that we are all made up of different colors and we want to see the beauty in everyone.

celebrating life

Design a lifestyle that is truly diverse, deserves celebration. That's why we created Smeldt - so we can all live luxuriously with our differences and still feel heroically beautiful for being who we are!

Embrace the true colors of everyone. Let's celebrate life to the fullest! 

Smeldt sfeer -8.jpg

Create moments of true rapture, ignite your senses with candles from Smeldt.

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